After graduating from the Alberta College of Art Martin Bennett began making black and white paintings that had the appearance of the photocopy but held the weight of painting. This process, which questioned what was authentic, gave a laboriously rendered, hand-made image the look of a faded reproduction while still cultivating the aura of an original. Over the next ten years (and several solo shows) Bennett’s imagery moved across the spectrum from figuration to abstraction, ultimately arriving at a gorgeous, grayscale endgame with his Static Image Paintings. In England in 2000 he introduced colour into his palette and a method of putting it down that seemed to produce two paintings simultaneously: one a pattern of pure colour, the other a monochrome landscape. The paintings optically distilled into a symbiotic arrangement of abstraction and figuration. As Gary Michael Dault commented in the Globe and Mail, “The originals are still there someplace, but you have to get to them through a handful of vista-compromising techniques. …Their freshness - which they have aplenty- is a slap in the chops.” With “Television Cubism” Bennett presents a new episode of colour paintings on a channel uniquely his.

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